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NANOFIX products include a serie of lubricant addictive products accomplished by Australian researchers and experts in the field of NANO technology. For every single package of NANOFIX products, it contains billions of nanoparticles. Because those metal particles are at the nanoscale, they can easily get into small cracks and scratches on the inner surface of engines and machines which might not be visible to human eyes at all. Consequently, the surface is smoothen up and foundamentally, vehicles and equipment are maintained while strong lubricating effect is achieved. 

NANOFIX are absolutely the most ideal feul addictives to help enhance vehicles/machines founctions, making them more energy-efficient, more powerful, longer-lasting and environmentally friendly.The repair effects of NANOFIX and ordinary lubricants can be compared using the diagram below: 

Research and users feedbacks have shown that NANOFIX products are:

1. feul economy: reduce oil comsumption by 10-30%;

2. engine protective: reduce engine tear-and-wear by 80% to 90%; extend engine-life by 2-3 times; realise self-maintenance of the machine by preventing corrosion on and from friction parts significantly;

3. power-strengthening: enhance power up to 35%;

4. highly compatible: with large and small vehicles of all types; 

5. quick start: in streme situations in winter or in summer, NANOFIX ensure a quick start of the engine; 

6. environmentally friendly: reduce exhaust deposits by 80% and emissions by 50%.

To achieve the best outcome possible, there is nothing like "one-for-all" because every category of vehicles and equipment has its particular type of needs. To effectively solve individual issues and insure the best outcomes, NANOFIX products are defaulted and categorized in correspondence with a particular pre-determined situation. Detailed information of products and their applications are listed with visuals under our webshop. 




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